Shops I love…

I love shopping for beach gear. Here are some of my favourite places to shop for new beach accessories.

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Nourished Life

Nourished Life is the place to pick up your natural sunscreen, zinc pots and aftersun. Think natural skincare and wellness products that aren’t harmful to the planet. Shop now


Get yourself the ultimate Aussie beach shade from CoolCabana. If they have the beach mat in stock, grab one of those while you’re at it too (they sell out quickly!) Shop now.


You might not think about picking up beach gear from Amazon, but it’s so convenient. And if you have Amazon Prime you can get free and fast delivery. Use it for things like beach towels, sunscreen, aftersun and beach wagons. Shop here


Tentworld is handy for your general outdoor lifestyle products and camping gear. Shop here. 


Ripcurl is the ultimate beach wear store. I love their floaty beach dresses, long skirts and cosy winter sweaters. Shop here.